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Writing Group

As an update to the writing group, we had our first meeting a week ago this evening.  It went very well with 6 out of 8 members in attendance.  There was a terrific conglomeration of writers with varied experiences and interests.  We have writers focused on articles, some on books, still another is working on screenplays.  Some have most of the writing for their books done and others of us are much closer to the beginning of the process.  They had to kick us out when they were trying to lock up the building where we met, so that’s a good sign! 

Writers Wanted…

That’s somewhat the tone of my first ad in our local paper to solicit fellow writers.  I got one response from a woman who is about 6 hours from us but had access to the ad.   Second time was a charm for this group.  8 different folks were interested.  Well, the moment (ok, day) of truth has arrived.  The inaugural meeting is tonite.  We’ll see what happens.  I’m excited to hear what other writer’s goals are and how they overcome the things that make us all stumble.