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Top Ten Things to have for a Snow Day

sleepy snow day puppy

  1.  Plenty of blankets available to sit under while you’re typing up your blog post or writing some other form of material.
  2. Chocolate to ply yourself and your child with while you try to persuade her to do schoolwork even though the public school kids are out sledding.  #homeschoolingishard
  3. A warm cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate to keep your fingers from falling off after typing the items in number 1.
  4. An exercise ball  (or two) so that if you don’t get to go outside sooner rather than later because the schoolwork mentioned in item 2 takes longer than expected you can at least get some stretching and balance work done.
  5. Homemade chicken soup to have once you come back in from igloo engineering “class”.  #ilovehomeschooling
  6. A great internet connection so that you can see how much snow everyone else did or (in the case of #BlizzardofJanuary2015) didn’t get.
  7. A second set of gloves/mittens for a second run outdoors to go enjoy the aforementioned igloo or fort.  These are also for throwing to the snowball-obsessed Vizsla (who is clearly exhausted in anticipation of said outing).
  8. A working smartphone to text the neighbor to try to coincide their playtime with yours and therefore facilitate a #polarplaydate.
  9. A camera or smartphone to capture some memories to look back on fondly, say in August when we’re sweltering.
  10. And the final item to have on hand is a wonderful, joy-filled, fun-loving kid to enjoy the day with!

Best Dog Ever!

This is our “firstborn”. She, as a Vizsla, was great practice for having a baby. I have yet to go to the bathroom alone in over 5 years. The breed is known as the ‘velcro dog’ as they stick to you. You need to go fetch that pair of slippers you left upstairs? Fear not, you will not have to make that long, arduous journey solo. In fact, it will be near impossible to do so. And, on those cold winter nights when you used to have to fill the hot water bottle to warm your feet? Super dog to the rescue! And, bonus, since she’s a Hungarian hunting dog as you can clearly see from the great big sofa she landed!   Most only get birds…pshaw!!

She’s great with children, tolerant and sounds tougher than she is! (A benefit when salespeople come to the door!)