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A picture is worth a thousand words

For some reason this seems to have been the week for products in stores that make you go, “HMMM”.

Case in point while shopping at the German equivalent of the Target Superstore, Globus, found this lovely advent calendar. Just wondering if the feline opens the doors herself. And then, if she does, does she open the cans of food inside, as well?

Then, today was shopping for some dressy holiday clothes for our daughter. This one is just plain wrong. Do toddlers truly EVER have a need for lingerie?


Every time I tell our nearly 3-year-old something I silently then edit said comment. As an example, ‘boys don’t wear dresses…that’s silly!’

Or, the response to the question, ‘May I please eat cookies for dinner?’ being ‘No, we don’t eat cookies for dinner’ (sometimes cookie dough for me when Daddy’s away, but….I digress).

It’s so funny because I’ll answer with such authority and then challenge myself in my own head. It’s actually rather exhausting. It’s like arguing with myself, but trying to keep it from her! đŸ™‚

Ah, the trials and tribulations are outweighed by the joys, though, aren’t they?!