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When do two-year-olds understand “why”?

Our little one is very funny (not that I’m biased, mind you). So, when I ask her “Why” she doesn’t want to go back to bed her answer invariably is “Gooood”.

She doesn’t mean to be funny here, however. She thinks that makes perfect sense. If I ask “How” she is doing the correct response is “Gooood”. So, logically, it should also hold true for “why” questions.

Can anyone shed light on when they start to understand the “why”s?

True confessions: I’ve even resorted to poor grammar and asked her “How come” you’re crying…oooh, my ears! 🙂

More phrases to remember…

Our little one has some more words I wanted to make sure to share and capture for her for someday. They include:

“Ma-Mazing” – This is a term that is often exclaimed. e.g. when a hair bow or blanket are put onto the dog  (“Poor Fing”).

“Tuddles” – Living in Germany we have rather varied weather. Some days it’s like, “if you don’t like the weather wait 15 minutes.” However, lately we’ve had a bit of rain. This presents an opportunity to splash in the “tuddles”. Try it!

And finally, when asking this little imp how much Mommy or Daddy love her she replies with outstretched arms, “TOO MUCH!”   — Not possible, Poopsie, but we get the idea!