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Cranky with a side of hope


Have you ever felt like you had run out of hope? Where everything just irritated you? Where cranky was a constant state of mind? Yeah, me neither.  But, if you had, how would you have gotten yourself out of the rut?

Some subscribe to the “It’s Better to Give than Receive” school of thought.  Some say giving has its own rewards.  Still others would tell me to sit down and be quiet.

But, having read about someone who had this happen to them, once, I thought it might be something that at least one other soul has dealt with.

My guess is helping someone else with a somewhat mundane task, say, stacking wood or cooking someone a meal (a new parent or someone who has a sick member of their family, for example), writing someone a note to let them know you’re thinking of them after a hard time or in advance of a surgery might benefit both parties.  These are just some possible choices for helping to bring about a change in the atmosphere.

In glancing down my Facebook feed I note one of several tones: rabid fear and vitriol at the thought of our new state of affairs (coming to an Inauguration near you, this Friday), a giddy jubilation at the thought of the new regime or a blatant “la la la, I can’t hear you and refuse to comment in any way shape or form political” frame of mind.

It makes me think of a quote I read that said, “Father in heaven, please help us to remember that anything that frightens us comes with an invitation to find the strength of knowing and trusting You.”

Now isn’t that the truth? Faith doesn’t equal understanding or even agreement.  It is the knowledge that God has got this.

One of the thoughts that got me through some of the more uncomfortable military situations we found ourselves in was, “Love it or loathe it, this too shall pass.”

So, how do you keep on keeping on when you just don’t feel like it (i.e. in say, January and February)?

Snow and Hope both have 4 letters…


…coincidence? I think not.

Today is a snow day.  Yes, yes.  I know it’s a Saturday and that flies in the face of the whole concept of snow days, but the fact that we shoveled and swept and walked in snow makes it a snow day.  The plow drivers will tell you it’s a snow day.  They are out in full force.  Gotta love the overtime!

It all began a few days ago when a school filled with children heard that snow was in the forecast for Friday (very early) morning.  Their teachers, including the substitutes were telling them all the tips of the trade in how to bring about a successful snow day.  Some were told to flush ice cubes down the toilet (with the amount of cubes equaling the amount of inches you were requesting), others were instructed to sleep with a spoon under their pillow (don’t ask me, I just work here), and still others were putting their pajamas on inside AND backwards.  Heck, hypothetically, a librarian I might know, even wore hers that way Thursday night when she turned in for bed!

However, Friday morning came and went without even the littlest snowflake falling here.  This morning, however, we had a different story.  It started with a little covering on the table on the patio out back.  The green grass still showed through.  Then, I was paying attention to something on my phone and happened to glance up when there were nearly whiteout conditions outside (okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but I’m here with a couple of creatures who love snow, so… cut me some slack, ok?!).

We ended up with a couple of inches of powder (not great for snowballs, but good for what ails you.

My point is, the kids were hopeful, the adults were hopeful, that there would be a snow day filled with that wonderfully clean, pure stuff that promises fun and frolicking and then hot chocolate in front of a fire afterward.  Simple pleasures, right? And hope doesn’t have to be for something monumental or Earth-shattering, it can be a simple sled ride followed by some marshmallows in hot chocolate!

I hope your day is filled with little opportunities for hope all around.



snowy morguefile photo

The snow looks like someone is shaking powdered sugar

all over the landscape.

It falls silently and yet you can seem to feel its motion

even through the window.

I am warm, yet I know what the cold feels like.

I remember it.

It’s not unpleasant, but it still makes me shiver a bit.

The blanket looks comfortable to lie in.

Although I know the truth.

While soft, it is definitely not going to be called cozy.

Cozy would be the hot chocolate with whipped cream that warms the chilled

fingers after shoveling and playing.

Photo courtesy of MorgueFile – http://mrg.bz/jWCmux

‘Tis the season


It’s that time of year again.  Time to decorate, bake cookies, wrap gifts, write cards (more writing people – buck up!), shoveling snow (depending on your locale, obviously), drinking hot chocolate, going to markets and awaiting the wonderful gifts this season has to offer. 

One of those gifts is the arrival of relatives long missed.  We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of a beloved member of the family and can’t wait until we’re able to do some of the aforementioned tasks together. 

Living with a toddler, however, I have FINALLY learned that telling of an arrival or event too far in advance spells disaster — ‘When is FILL IN THE NAME OF THE PERSON OR EVENT going to COME/ARRIVE/BE, Mama?’ to the 359th power! 

Another opportunity at this time of year is looking ahead to the next year along with reflecting on the one that is about to end.  Some sites feature opportunities to figure out what this year was all about and naming it at the end.  However, for me, it worked much better to name the year ahead of time and to try to live with my intention in the forefront of my mind, ideally, leading me toward my goal.

2010 for me was ‘change’.  We were at the end of figuring out if we were going to live with the family with which we had been blessed or if I was going to continue to bang my head against a proverbial (and decidedly infertile) wall.  I thought my husband’s job was going to provide for a move for us this past summer, but instead we were presented with a new opportunity for him which also allowed us to stay in our current home – quite a blessing as we love our neighbors and friends here.  I wanted to be prepared to embrace the change and shift the way I approached things.  And, now it seems we will be moving this summer, so I have continued to try to change what we keep and what we purge in terms of things. 

As I look ahead at 2011 I will utilize several sites to figure out what I would like to be intentional about in my thoughts and actions.  Iwill keep you updated as to what I choose. 

Have you picked a word to sum up your year? Care to share what it was/is?  Did it fit?

Spring?! Gimme a Break!!

Well, yesterday was Easter and we had about 5 inches of snow (the most we’ve had all season) so it hasn’t felt much like Spring around here.  Although I was reading the paper the other day and it carried a story from an LA reporter who was chomping at the bit to report about the horrendous escapades today’s college kids experience on “Spring Break”.  It was quite a large article and was, as expected, rather depressing focusing on how much kids drink and then don’t use good judgement (to put it mildly). 

Well, that got me thinking…what about alternatives to the booze and bods Spring Break?  Then I saw another article in a later edition of the paper (buried much deeper and not garnering as much space, unfortunately, but there nonetheless) about students working in New Orleans to help rebuild the city on their Spring Break. 

So, I decided to do a bit of research on alternatives for kids as well as adults.  One such adult has always stuck with me.  Catherine worked with me at a dot.com in the boom phase and used to take her weeks off at Camp Sunshine  http://studenttravel.about.com/od/springbreakvolunteers/qt/alternate_sprin.htm in GA.  I was so impressed with that.  And to further raise her stock in my estimation she married a wonderful guy we both worked with — Kudos to both Cat and Mat, but I digress!  

I found multiple listings when I queried “alternative Spring Break” and “volunteering vacations”.  Cheap tickets even has a section on their site.  Here’s hoping you, too, will be inspired to do something for someone else. 




Enjoy the daffodils!


Well, we finally have gotten a bit of snow here.  It’s the pretty kind, not the get all messy and disrupt traffic kind.  The dog and baby are loving it.  They keep looking out the window with varied expressions on their faces.  Neither is too eager to go out into it however.  The warm living room is JUST fine, thank you!

A word of hope to those of you on the winter ravaged East Coast…our forsythia is in bloom.  Spring’s acomin’!!

We had winds earlier this week that were roaring and they do say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  Do you think it goes out like that lamb many of us have on our Easter dinner table?  Just a thought. 

Trying to get a bunch of projects tied up here this week and we will be having a visitor next week.  So, don’t want the loose ends all over the house! 

Until next time, faithful readers…