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Running and other things

IMG_2400I was reading an article in Runner’s World about the folks who don’t like races. The one woman in the story was described as saying, “Never again!” after her first (and only) half-marathon. It wasn’t her thing. She said, running with others in mind and worrying about times and all those technical things just changed running for her.

I learn through analogies and so my mind immediately drew a parallel to fertility. Or rather, infertility.  Most people plan to have a baby that do the necessary things <ahem>, this is a family-friendly blog, people.  Never do they anticipate blood work, doctor’s appointments, surgeries, medicines or a myriad of other surprises.

People think of infertility and they think of some picture in their head of a couple never able to have a child. That picture is completely accurate. There is also something called secondary infertility which I never knew about until I was diagnosed with it. In essence it is having had a “viable pregnancy” (one that resulted in a healthy baby or more) and then not being able to do so again. And like so many medical diagnoses it is a bit of a catchall. It could be caused by many different things or may never be able to be categorized.

The results look mostly the same. People who have more love to give, but lack the conduit they wish for fall into this category. There are also folks whom I admire greatly. These are the people who douse their pets (or fur babies) with tons of love, there are those who embrace additional passions that might not otherwise have time for, and there are those who graciously accept God’s will for them (not unlike the families with 7, 8, 10 and 19 children do).

And, really, isn’t that why we’re here to humbly and graciously accept God’s love and his many gifts to us (even if they didn’t come in the packaging we expected)?

Nearly February

I made some oaths, no promises (certainly not resolutions, Baby!) at the beginning of 2012. They were focused on the areas of <drumroll, please> faith in the form of studying the Bible, health in the form of training to do a 5K again (it’s been a while, people) and writing in the form of working on my novel more (by way of an Advanced Creative Writing class – stall tactic, I think not) so I like to travel… long and winding roads…so, sue me.

I found the writing class on the college’s website and after corresponding with the professor (whom I had met very briefly at a local writing group) who advised me to take the Advanced class rather than the beginner given the amount of writing I had already done I went to sign up (4-year-old in tow).  It was already filled. Having no other choice, I put myself on the waiting list. I have to admit, I had mixed emotions about not getting in. Those emotions were turned topsy turvy the following day when I got ‘in’. My first assignment was due several days earlier than I had originally thought (based on info from another employee of the college, but no harm done).  I got it turned in with no issues. A bit out of practice at staying up late to complete ‘schoolwork’, however!

I am getting feedback from fellow students and the instructor and it is very humbling, but at the same time terrific. Other times when I’ve written, the work just sits there in some vacuum and never gets read by another breathing soul. Now, granted I’m having to swallow my pride… a lot. But, it’s good for the soul, right? Right?!

Speaking of my soul, I began a Bible study last week as God has been working on me to do since last fall. I kept meeting these ladies who were raving about their group, then there was a notice in our Sunday bulletin telling about another study starting at our parish. Another woman at our homeschool group was telling me about the first group and even sent me an email on it. The final straw (in a good way!) was a mom in the waiting room at our daughter’s ballet lessons who was leading one of the groups. That clinched it. I signed up for the class the night before it was to begin and got one of the 4 remaining slots. I hear ya, God. You’re workin’ it. I just need to go along quietly on this one.

Well, I was a bit nervous as this was a group of Protestant ladies, but I had been assured that there were members of various faiths who participated in the Bible study. During our small group breakout, I half kidding, whole in earnest (as my mom likes to say), introduced myself as a <whisper it>’Catholic’. They were funny and kind about it. One woman was even nice enough to come up after and share that she wasn’t a practicing Protestant either, but belonged to another faith.

I am LOVING the book that we’re using for the study. It’s a Jen Hatmaker book called, A Modern Girl’s Guide to Bible Study.  This woman is not only spiritual, but she’s laugh out loud funny in the process.  Irreverent, memorable and spiritual.  Where do I sign up?  I want to have Nachos with this woman!

The running thing is the last of the mohicans.  I’ve been inspired by many in the past, including my rock star of a marathon running husband and also a fellow blogger, writer and homeschool mom, Kathy.

I realized I had been giving myself a bit of a break because the first two items on my New Year’s list have been quite time consuming between all the writing and reading they require coupled with homeschooling and other social commitments, but excuse time ends this week.  Yes, I am tired.  Yes, I am fighting a sore throat or cold or some other bout of ickiness, but I WILL be running on that dang treadmill this week come Hades or high water (not likely here in the desert, don’t worry).

Looking at a 5K in March!  Wish me luck.

Donation opportunities

Just got back from donating clothes, books and magazines to several organizations and then came home to this link which is by a wonderful woman who discussing decluttering in all kinds of ways.  She featured these donation opportunities for shoes:

Do you have sneakers and shoes to donate? If so try:

Have a SINGLE SHOE you can put it to good use through the amputee coalition at:

Hope this helps you clear your mind and house, too!