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America, Land of the Pessimists?!

That’s what the article by Pauline Arrillaga of the Associated Press would have you ponder.  Her article is asking if the country’s birthday is not such a happy one this year.  She brings up a good point that decades ago, we wished to be happier and have more fulfilled lives.   Well, technically, we’ve surpassed that wish. 

It’s my feeling that we are trying to fill the gaps in our lives by looking outside of ourselves rather than looking within and resting a moment.  When was the last time you actually took the time to rest, quietly for a moment?  Not with the radio or TV on in the background for noise.  Not while you made a to do or grocery list in your head while trying to “hurry up and relax”.  When? 

Taking the time to listen to the noises within can help make us appreciate the simpler pleasures and not worry about what’s truly out of our control.  For example, yes, I can drive more fuel efficiently by grouping my errands together and keeping my speed down, but I can’t control weather anomalies around the globe.  Faith (whatever one calls it) is definitely a key element in the answer to this conundrum. 

Personally, I’m trying to be good to myself so that I’m a responsible person (to the gifts I’ve been given and the temple in and on which I live) and therefore be a good example to my daughter. 

Another reason that I tend to lean toward a glass half full sort of view is the fact that we STILL, in this day and age, have an ALL VOLUNTEER MILITARY.  Thank you to all who serve and those who support them. 

So, what’re your thoughts?  Are we better off or worse?  If so, why?  As you ponder, remember to put on your own oxygen mask before assisting other passengers.  ; )