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It’s all relative…


It’s in the teens now (degrees and times matched at 6 and 9 this morning, however) and we are hunkered down with some ribs in the crockpot and the blinds closed to keep the bitter cold out.

We are blessed to have a warm home with working heat and electricity.  We are blessed to live in a first world country where even if the bureaucrats screw up on school closings it is not life being lived under some form of law that would stagnate and paralyze us all.

After being all grateful and philosophical I must say that I still keep the Phoenix temps and the Germany temps on my phone (one makes me drool most days and the other usually makes me grateful, today however it’s about 30 degrees warmer in the European city than here in our nation’s capital region).

Things can seem like they are coming apart at the seams and that you’re just going to lose it, but then you’ll catch a glimpse of a sweet child absolutely besotted with her best friend (her dog/four-legged sister) or you’ll think about someone who is facing an insurmountable task and she is kickin’ its butt.  She is not merely surviving, but thriving and you realize that good is winning and will win.

We all make choices about how to react to things in various situations whether it be to have a meltdown over a mess in the house (hypothetically speaking, of course) or something bigger.  I choose to be as a certain 7-year-old proclaimed the other day, “I’m a balcony person, not a basement person.”  Me, too, Sweet Pea…me, too.

Photo courtesy of Morguefile – http://mrg.bz/TRPDP9

A Mother’s Day note

I would like to wish all those godmothers, “Super Aunts” and wonderful friends a Happy Day, as well.  There are so many people I can think of who’ve not (yet – hoping for those who would like to) given birth to a child, signed adoption papers or had to change the way they file their taxes.  However, these many women are also an important part of our children’s lives. 

They are supportive when our little ones (and maybe not so little anymore) are sick, teething, having a tough time in school, or having difficulties with friends/sports/you name it.  They listen to us talk about sleepless nights and carseats, among a multitude of updates in excrutiating detail all with love and interest.  They treat our children with respect and love and show them what it is to be a loving wonderful example of humankind…with the emphasis on kind.

I would like to thank those wonderful women in my life who are a tribute to womanhood and are all mothers in the earthly sense.  You all will turn when some little person is crying because they’re lost or upset.  Thank you for being a part of our lives and I wish you a wonderful day to treasure…because we certainly treasure you.