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Nine Eleven

I have the luxury of being able to contemplate this day without having to try to remember the face of a loved one which is fading with each passing day. I haven’t lost a loved one in the aftermath of that day on a desert battlefield. I have the luxury of wondering what the best way to commemorate is.

I, like so many of us, have the memory of that day, and where I was on that clear September morning.

Watching those news reports, reading the stories of those lost.  Many of us have done this year after year in the decade since.

This was the first year that I was able to find some comfort in the stories of those people who exemplified heroism and were the picture of an American.  The stores of those who outshine the ugliness and hatred that was trying to win out extinguishes just a bit of the negativity and that is a victory.  The loyalty and love that people feel for our military members is heartwarming.

I most admire those people who can look at a horrendous experience and glean some nugget from it that is hope filled or at least not the ugliest possible view.  As my initial disclaimer announced…I have that luxury.  I’m not saying everyone can do that.  I’m just sharing what I have found in the years since the  day that changed our nation.

Grace under pressure is the phrase that comes to my mind in the time following the events on September 11th and the search for stories of winners since is what I seek out.

What are your thoughts on the media coverage and the ways people have chosen to remember and honor any and all affected by the events of that day?

Lost and Found

I realized today that it really does take a village. I was recalling the fact that so many of our neighbors helped out while I had to go to many doctors appointments to follow up on pregnancies that didn’t last and trying to figure out what was wrong. These folks just pitched in and helped their American neighbors and watched our little pumpkin. They realized that they have their families around and we don’t and they stepped up and filled in. There were also Americans who supported us during these times (and those who continue to do so today), but on the eve of the Germany fussball game it just struck me as to the warmth we’ve been shown by these people. I really am home.

I guess I was reminded of it again today as an American neighbor set up a playdate for her child and ours so I could get a much needed pedicure. Such thoughtfulness while my roommate is getting a “tan” is so helpful! We are truly blessed.

What about poor little “B”?

It occurred to me the other day that we have AA, AAA, C and D batteries in the house. Where on earth are the poor little Bs? What is to become of them? Where have they gone? They must have existed to necessitate the As to go plural. One of life’s mysteries, I guess.

A little TV goes a looooong way!

It’s fascinating to me the things we watch over here in Europe with our limited selection of US programming.  Things you’d never be caught DEAD watching in the States suddenly become something to watch the clock for.  Judge Judy is now prime fodder.  My Super Sweet Sixteen is engaging.  Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but people, take it from me, not much. 

At the “new season” time, don’t get in the way of the remote.  My phone lines were burning up today with the news that Lost starts on Sunday night.  OMG, we are so excited over here.  The Office begins on Valentine’s Day.  I think there’s nothing more romantic than watching Dwight with my funny Valentine!  Writers Strike be damned we’ve got some TV to watch!!

To get you geared up check this out… http://www.dundermifflin.com/newsletter/scranton/scranton_011708.shtml along with http://www.officetally.com/ .  Finally, there are a load of sites here, too… http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rls=HPIA,HPIA:2005-17,HPIA:en&q=lost+dharma+site