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Unwrapping Gifts

What a terrific way to look at things! Dr. Ned Hallowell talks to folks about ADD and puts it succinctly when describing them as having a Ferrari engine but paired with bicycle brakes. This is worth a watch!

Isn’t it Ironic?! (With apologies to Alanis)

Evidently the Education Secretary, Arne Duncan, said that he “feels ‘very badly’ for children in Texas schools”. C’mon…who out there is with me?! Anyone else chuckling? If so, you were some of the favorites at grammar time in school, right?! 

For those of you who preferred the ifs and thens of school, it is the ‘feel’ coupled with ‘badly’ that is the problem here.  If you feel badly, you are not able to successfully have a tactile experience with a fabric or texture.  That is you are unable to touch a sweater or cutting board properly.  Duncan could easily have said that he ‘feels bad’ for those children (I feel bad for him, personally, but that’s just me).  People hear that sort of phrase and determine it to be incorrect by ear.  I just hope that the masses who say it that way don’t rewrite the rules again.