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It’s all relative…


It’s in the teens now (degrees and times matched at 6 and 9 this morning, however) and we are hunkered down with some ribs in the crockpot and the blinds closed to keep the bitter cold out.

We are blessed to have a warm home with working heat and electricity.  We are blessed to live in a first world country where even if the bureaucrats screw up on school closings it is not life being lived under some form of law that would stagnate and paralyze us all.

After being all grateful and philosophical I must say that I still keep the Phoenix temps and the Germany temps on my phone (one makes me drool most days and the other usually makes me grateful, today however it’s about 30 degrees warmer in the European city than here in our nation’s capital region).

Things can seem like they are coming apart at the seams and that you’re just going to lose it, but then you’ll catch a glimpse of a sweet child absolutely besotted with her best friend (her dog/four-legged sister) or you’ll think about someone who is facing an insurmountable task and she is kickin’ its butt.  She is not merely surviving, but thriving and you realize that good is winning and will win.

We all make choices about how to react to things in various situations whether it be to have a meltdown over a mess in the house (hypothetically speaking, of course) or something bigger.  I choose to be as a certain 7-year-old proclaimed the other day, “I’m a balcony person, not a basement person.”  Me, too, Sweet Pea…me, too.

Photo courtesy of Morguefile – http://mrg.bz/TRPDP9

No such thing as a free lunch

I guess I never realized how similar children and dogs (probably many pets, but my experience is with dogs) are.  Today, I had the gall to decide to eat a sandwich after my daughter had already eaten her (count ’em) rice cereal breakfast (along with whole milk), then several hours and a nap later she indulged in French Toast with strawberries and syrup which was topped off about an hour later with some bananas and dried pineapple. 

She sees that I have the nerveto be attempting to eat in her presence without alerting her to the fact.  It should be mentioned that this is the child who had the stomach flu last week and ate nothing but crackers, soup and juice for several days.  So, back to said sandwich.  I took it out, sat down at the table to eat and immediately heard an indignant sound and was being pointed to.  “Mohhhr”, she wailed plaintively in her best New York accent. 

I mean, even the dog was just watching from her vantage point on the couch!  Well, you know what happened to the sandwich…don’t you?!

Free to flea…er, be me

I found myself sitting in the vet’s office yesterday because Alexa had developed some hives the day before following her run with her two-legged running partner.  First it was one on her snout which, by the next morning had moved to the other side and become two.  Then, as the morning progessed, it amassed into one swollen snout altogether.  Then, I discovered several welts on her ears.  So, after talking to the vet via phone I was told to bring her in.  Well, as those of you with small ones know, that’s not an easy feat. 

First of all, Alexa thinks she’s a “people”.  She should get to sit up front with me.  Sure, Abigail’s in back in the carseat, but, you know, she’s a baby.  Alexa’s almost 3 (legal drinking age for you and me).  So, most of the ride is spent with my right arm over the passenger seat like some prepubescent boy trying to get the nerve up to slide his arm down on the girl’s shoulders. 

Getting out of the car is almost as much fun as getting everyone (and everything that an 11-month-old on a 6 mile, 45-minute trip to the vet’s office might need) in.  I decided the baby carrier in which I wear Abigail was the best choice coupled with Alexa on the leash (doing her best impression of a pack of dogs straining for first place in the Iditarod). 

Well, she’s unlike our childhood dog, Tanya.  Whenever Tanya would get within 50 feet of the vet’s office she’d get a whiff and go, “Oh, helllllll no!  I am NOT going in there again.  They have shots and they prod me and stuff.”   Alexa’s more social all around and wants to be friends with EVERYONE.  I’m not sure I made that clear enough.  She needs to be liked and, more importantly, acknowledged, by every creature in the vicinity. 

So, there’s a boxer named Kyra there who is younger than she and believe it or not, a bit more hyper.  It is hysterical to watch them try to greet one another on the Zamboni-styled linoleum floors.  I know they’re easier to clean up, but isn’t that a bit cruel people?!

I have Alexa across the room from Kyra (damn me!) and she is barking (loudly, like she’s a fierce dog – yeah, right) because she wants to play. In comes, Molly, a gorgeous golden retriever whose got this luxurious red coat.  She just wants to join the party, but her owner is having none of it. 

Finally, it strikes me.  What if we all acted like this in doctor’s waiting rooms?  I want to get over there to sniff you, er shake your hand.  Damn it, let me at ‘im.  I WANT TO PLAY!!! 

We all had a good laugh about that when I shared it.  We should be more like our dogs and children, shouldn’t we?  They truly hold the keys to the kingdom.  We’re just driving!