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Prior to living in the southwest I always thought it would be rather sad to celebrate Christmas in a climate where it was warm. Okay, this term is definitely relative, of course. There’s tropical “if it snows here the world must be ending” warm and then there’s “I only need a jacket to go to church” warm.

Now that I’ve had the pleasure of going for a walk without a jacket…in JANUARY, people. I may well be hooked. I thought the arid climate wouldn’t agree with me. Wrong again!

I mean we went for a swim in Phoenix last weekend at an OUTDOOR pool! Seriously!

We’ll see where we eventually end up, but for now I am diggin’ it.

‘Tis the season


It’s that time of year again.  Time to decorate, bake cookies, wrap gifts, write cards (more writing people – buck up!), shoveling snow (depending on your locale, obviously), drinking hot chocolate, going to markets and awaiting the wonderful gifts this season has to offer. 

One of those gifts is the arrival of relatives long missed.  We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of a beloved member of the family and can’t wait until we’re able to do some of the aforementioned tasks together. 

Living with a toddler, however, I have FINALLY learned that telling of an arrival or event too far in advance spells disaster — ‘When is FILL IN THE NAME OF THE PERSON OR EVENT going to COME/ARRIVE/BE, Mama?’ to the 359th power! 

Another opportunity at this time of year is looking ahead to the next year along with reflecting on the one that is about to end.  Some sites feature opportunities to figure out what this year was all about and naming it at the end.  However, for me, it worked much better to name the year ahead of time and to try to live with my intention in the forefront of my mind, ideally, leading me toward my goal.

2010 for me was ‘change’.  We were at the end of figuring out if we were going to live with the family with which we had been blessed or if I was going to continue to bang my head against a proverbial (and decidedly infertile) wall.  I thought my husband’s job was going to provide for a move for us this past summer, but instead we were presented with a new opportunity for him which also allowed us to stay in our current home – quite a blessing as we love our neighbors and friends here.  I wanted to be prepared to embrace the change and shift the way I approached things.  And, now it seems we will be moving this summer, so I have continued to try to change what we keep and what we purge in terms of things. 

As I look ahead at 2011 I will utilize several sites to figure out what I would like to be intentional about in my thoughts and actions.  Iwill keep you updated as to what I choose. 

Have you picked a word to sum up your year? Care to share what it was/is?  Did it fit?