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Character Madness

I’m working on some revisions to one of my novels and as a result find myself revisiting some of my characters. When I created the characters I made a list and then used an index card for each one regardless of the size of his/her role.

Funny enough, this morning I was looking up the age of D.W. Read (Arthur fans will know who this is) for my 5-year-old. I discovered this. It is a clear example of how one could sketch out characters initially as well as subsequently add content.

How do you craft your characters?

What’s your favorite fiction and/or mystery series?

…And why? Tell me what makes the plots interesting to you? What makes the characters likeable? Or not? What has disappointed you about a book? Series? Author?

Have you been reading an author or series and loving it when it gets to the 10th/15th/etc. book and you’ve begun to feel it’s disappointing? Why? Please share!

Looking forward to your wonderfully specific feedback!