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Endings and Beginnings


The last day of the year, the final page in a book, the last scene in a movie…these are things that bring mixed emotions to be sure.

If the book is one you’ve loved and is well written and doesn’t have a sequel you’re quite possibly heartbroken, bereft, wondering what you’ll do with all the free time you’ll now find on your hands. If however, the book or movie wasn’t handled well at the end you may feel angry, frustrated, as though you’ve been cheated.  If you loved the book and it’s the first in a series…well, Hallelujah!

Life is not unlike these scenarios. If it’s the end of a year that was terrific you may be facing the next one anticipating even greater feats and experiences. Some would approach the new year with fear that it won’t be “the same” (it won’t) or “as good” (it might be better).

Still others exiting a year that was less than stellar might be counting their blessings that it wasn’t worse and they might be anticipating that “sometimes a change is as good as a rest” to quote my mom and grandmother.

Life (and a book and a movie) are all in how you approach them. I’ve seen people who’ve had the rug yanked from underneath them more than once and yet they picked themselves up (with a cheerful disposition) and soldiered on. Now, this isn’t to say they didn’t have moments of sadness or frustration. No, sir. That would be abnormal. But, it does mean that these folks didn’t let these setbacks color their entire perception of the world. There are too many things to be grateful for and to be appreciative of to let the fear and negative take over.

For all who are fearing 2015, hang in there as I’ll look forward with a smile for all of us until you are able to join me.



Graphic courtesy of Morgue File.


What’s your favorite fiction and/or mystery series?

…And why? Tell me what makes the plots interesting to you? What makes the characters likeable? Or not? What has disappointed you about a book? Series? Author?

Have you been reading an author or series and loving it when it gets to the 10th/15th/etc. book and you’ve begun to feel it’s disappointing? Why? Please share!

Looking forward to your wonderfully specific feedback!