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Spring Cleaning

Starting to feel the Earth’s pull. Went to a book club meeting the other day which was lovely, but attendence was a bit sparse. Maybe it’s outlived its usefulness to the current audience. Then, yesterday, went to my writer’s group meeting and found a new energy.

Am currently planning for a yard sale (coming up quick) with some of the neighbors who are moving. It’s time to clear the decks. Begin anew. Think fresh. More fresh air and exercise, too.

I love this website, too.  The article on “9 Irresistible Reasons to Go Complaint-Free” is terrific and as always, timely.

What’re some of the ways you shift gears AND keep up the momentum?

Competition: With Self or Others?

This came to me in the middle of the night last night, but I didn’t make it up to the computer until now.  Lately a topic which has always intrigued me is resurfacing.  Some people tend to compete only (or at least mainly) with others.   Keeping up with the Joneses best characterizes this personality type.  Then there is the group of people who tend to compete with themselves and their last “bests”. 

In examining people I know fairly well, initially there seemed to be a correlation with birth order, but not  having done a truly scientific examination it didn’t hold up too well to scrutiny. 

 Some of this contemplation was brought up by a discussion I was a part of at book club recently.   It was furthered by the book I am currently reading (along with thousands of you out there no doubt) … Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  http://elizabethgilbert.com/eatpraylove.htm  She really makes a person think.  Even if you can’t identify with the details of her life, it’s the overall structure of the questions that most of us struggle with at some point in life. 

It seems to me that the people who compete with themselves are more relaxed (not to be read less disciplined).  They just don’t seem as tightly wound as the others.    Just one woman’s observation.