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Attention to….now where was I?!

I was watching our nearly one-year-old yesterday as I fed her a late lunch.  She notices things, fixates then moves on.  I had always thought that babies had the attention span of a gnat’s nit.  This is not the case however.  They can focus so much so, for instance in Abigail’s case, EVERY piece of lint on our floor is subject to inspection.  I’m not talking a cursory glance I mean turned over, tasted, the works. 

I also saw a headline on MSNBC that read, “How to decide if you have ADHD — the signs” and, no lie…I forgot to click on it and went to another site.   So, what I’m trying to say is they’re not the ones with the focus issue…speaking of issues, did you see the latest “Everyday with Rachael Ray”?  That’s an interesting spelling of her name, isn’t it?  There was a spelling bee recently here at the middle school.  Now, why did I come up here to the computer anyway???

Free to flea…er, be me

I found myself sitting in the vet’s office yesterday because Alexa had developed some hives the day before following her run with her two-legged running partner.  First it was one on her snout which, by the next morning had moved to the other side and become two.  Then, as the morning progessed, it amassed into one swollen snout altogether.  Then, I discovered several welts on her ears.  So, after talking to the vet via phone I was told to bring her in.  Well, as those of you with small ones know, that’s not an easy feat. 

First of all, Alexa thinks she’s a “people”.  She should get to sit up front with me.  Sure, Abigail’s in back in the carseat, but, you know, she’s a baby.  Alexa’s almost 3 (legal drinking age for you and me).  So, most of the ride is spent with my right arm over the passenger seat like some prepubescent boy trying to get the nerve up to slide his arm down on the girl’s shoulders. 

Getting out of the car is almost as much fun as getting everyone (and everything that an 11-month-old on a 6 mile, 45-minute trip to the vet’s office might need) in.  I decided the baby carrier in which I wear Abigail was the best choice coupled with Alexa on the leash (doing her best impression of a pack of dogs straining for first place in the Iditarod). 

Well, she’s unlike our childhood dog, Tanya.  Whenever Tanya would get within 50 feet of the vet’s office she’d get a whiff and go, “Oh, helllllll no!  I am NOT going in there again.  They have shots and they prod me and stuff.”   Alexa’s more social all around and wants to be friends with EVERYONE.  I’m not sure I made that clear enough.  She needs to be liked and, more importantly, acknowledged, by every creature in the vicinity. 

So, there’s a boxer named Kyra there who is younger than she and believe it or not, a bit more hyper.  It is hysterical to watch them try to greet one another on the Zamboni-styled linoleum floors.  I know they’re easier to clean up, but isn’t that a bit cruel people?!

I have Alexa across the room from Kyra (damn me!) and she is barking (loudly, like she’s a fierce dog – yeah, right) because she wants to play. In comes, Molly, a gorgeous golden retriever whose got this luxurious red coat.  She just wants to join the party, but her owner is having none of it. 

Finally, it strikes me.  What if we all acted like this in doctor’s waiting rooms?  I want to get over there to sniff you, er shake your hand.  Damn it, let me at ‘im.  I WANT TO PLAY!!! 

We all had a good laugh about that when I shared it.  We should be more like our dogs and children, shouldn’t we?  They truly hold the keys to the kingdom.  We’re just driving!