Love or Oxygen?


Today is Valentine’s Day.  Some say love is in the air.  Others say, no…it’s simply oxygen.

It’s a day some look forward to all year long.  Flowers, dinner, cards, hearts, love, hugs, kisses, romance.  People share their feelings with one another and vow to spend all of eternity with their beloved.

Then there is the other side of it.  The forced feeling.  Say you’re in a new relationship and you’re just not “there” yet.  This holiday and all the commercial companies who try to abscond with it make sure to make it suffocating for those who are not in the “mood”.

There are those who don’t have a Valentine (by Hallmark’s standards).  And there are those who, for whatever reason have lost a Valentine.  Maybe they broke up.  Maybe it was amicable.  Maybe it was acrimonious.  Maybe your beloved died.  For those folks, this can be a tough or at least uncomfortable day.

So, today, I make it my assignment to not only show love to my original (as an adult) Valentine (my true original is no longer on Earth) some extra love and care, but also his newer Valentine (our little love), our Vizsla Valentine (she got some peanut butter) and those around me whom I just plain care about. #mypeeps

I want to make the folks  who need it the most smile if even just a little (you know, the ones for whom today is a bigger struggle than yesterday might have been).

Some interesting facts about February 14th:

  • Both Oregon and Arizona became states on this date (OR became 33rd in 1859 and AZ the 48th in 1912).
  • George Washington Gale Ferris, inventor of the Ferris Wheel was born in 1859 on this date.
  • Florence Henderson (Carol Brady) AND Football player Jim Kelly were born on this day, too.

So let’s spread some normal, everyday, not over the top love to all those whom we love.  Just because.

And more good news….lots of chocolate on sale tomorrow.

For a bit of fun read the To: and From: lines on the Valentine below…(another good idea)! 😉



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  1. Love this post.

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