Where’d you go, Joe DiMaggio?


I shared this blog with some folks recently and sheepishly told them that it has been “a while” since I had written.  Wow, I didn’t realize it is coming up on a year since I have posted here.  Yikes!

I have been writing elsewhere, but this is something I don’t want to lose.  Lots has changed in the past year.  Our little one (who is not so little) started attending our local school, my husband ended one career and began a second, I have started doing some varied and sundry volunteering and we are house hunting…a lot!

I never knew how all-encompassing house hunting could become.  It actually makes me hearken back to when we were trying to start our family (which started the day we got married, of course, but we were looking to add to the team’s numbers, if you will).  It was so enveloping that it almost soaked you through and through with its completeness.  Everything was related to trying to conceive (and I’m speaking for myself only now).  Every thought and action had something relating to pregnancy or conception or babies interwoven through it.  It was somewhat exhausting, but also laden with adrenaline.  There was a sort of excitement at having that focus.

These days I look at tile and cabinets and storage and outlets in a whole new way.  I look for ideas on how to organize things and I try to glean the best solutions for our family when it comes to yard and configuration of rooms and neighborhoods.  It’s funny how times change and so, too, does our focus.

A cottage

I wonder what the “next big thing” will be?!


Now, Dear Reader, It’s your turn — What sorts of life changes have you experienced and what words of wisdom would you share with someone going through something similar?



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