Up vs. Down

So, I was getting a Mother’s Day gifted pedicure yesterday afternoon and overheard another patron tell the woman assisting her that in the 2nd trimester it would be all “downhill from here” and assuring her that the nausea she had been experiencing in this first pregnancy should soon abate.

It got me to thinking as my random, fact file-filled head tends to do, why then did the Jeffersons aspire to “move on up” to the East side? And why are we all nauseatingly taking it to “the next level”? Which is good? Up or down? Should I try to be like a flag or zipper and be up or should I aim to be like an important note and be “taken down”?

And while we’re at it, why are golf scores good when their low, but bowlers revel in high scores? And SATs, ACTs and MCATs all want to be up, but interest rates want to be down and folks who are down are called blue, but when skies are blue it is a good thing? My head is spinning just trying to figure it all out.

If you have any answers let me know. I’ll be over here reading palms, tea leaves and rings on trees.

up down cartoon




One response to “Up vs. Down

  1. I’m not sure the answer. I know I get happy when the numbers on the scale go down and happy when the number of comments on my blog goes up. It’s all relative I suppose 🙂

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