Why ask why?

Memories and emotions can be potent things. One can trigger the other…in both directions. Sometimes, when something occurs that you weren’t expecting you can be taken off guard and those ugly emotions (the ones that make you not look “camera-ready”) can rear their heads.

It’s easy to ask “why” when things are not going the way we would have choreographed them, but how many of us ask that very same question when the blessings are showering down?

It would be easy to understand the wounded warrior asking “why” when he goes home with a purple heart, yet without a limb(or four). However, do we often hear the couple with fertility issues ask “why” us when blessed with a healthy baby?

Sometimes when we’re in the throes of a “crisis” it’s easy to get impatient with God as to why a loved one or dear friend is suffering, but often times the answer is clear and present. The response is often, “wait”. Granted, at that moment it’s not the most satisfying answer ever, but on occasion, the reason for this particular answer becomes more clear.

Then again, sometimes you just feel guilty for whatever you pray for. And that’s okay, too.


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