Merry Christmas!

We went to a tree lighting ceremony earlier in the week and it was nice to see the enormous ode to something only God can make (with a nod to Joyce Kilmer). However, when did a Christmas tree become a ‘holiday tree’? I mean, I’ll give you the fact that it’s clearly a holiday, but I think this is definitely a case of trying to be politically correct gone awry.

We spent another night this week at the ballet recital of our dear 4-year-old. It happened to be bookended by the community’s concert. Wonderful to hear all the terrific songs sung or played by some tremendous musicians.  Oh, and our favorite star was lovely, too! But, we’re not biased…much.

Finally, we were part of a Tour of Homes (featuring our home among them) and it was actually a lovely event (not the thing we neighbors feared)! So many of the visitors were so gracious and friendly.

The bonus of it all? Most of my Christmas deeds are done y’all! Woot! Woot!


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