Writing Prompt

Decided to use one of the writing prompts that I found here.  Which I had found when I reread this post.

Okay, so the prompt at hand is found here.

‘And they lived happily ever after’ becomes…

They were both alive after they escaped the clutches of the bear in Yellowstone.  Who knew that you weren’t supposed to leave breadcrumbs in a trail to find your way back to camp?  They really should put that stuff in the manual warning people of such possibilities.  I mean, next they’ll be telling people not to smoke underneath those funny little fans in the plane lavatories.  Sheesh!

I know this isn’t technically what the assigment was, but I had fun writing it nonetheless.  I also enjoyed reading some of the others’ comments!  There are some clever people out there.

Now, how would YOU have rewritten it, Smarty Pants?!


2 responses to “Writing Prompt

  1. Sarah, thanks for the link to The One-Minute Writer. That looks like fun. And you’re right – whatever you write is still writing!

  2. Hey Sarah, yeah, been there! My motto is “Just Write it!” I specialize in drivel and dreck for the first draft… can you hear my maniacial laughter? Cheers!
    RP Dahlke

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