Super Couponing

I was searching for a writing prompt while watching the TLC show “Extreme Couponing“. I know, I know. Not terribly productive for writing, but I’m going to use it as a writing prompt.

I understand wanting to get as much as possible for as little as possible. I even stumbled onto a website that has lots of great information (some pertinent to the military and commissary shoppers). Two other sites are here and here.

What I don’t understand are a few things. 1) Why, if you do this on a regular basis, would you NOT take recyclable bags with you?
2) Does any ONE family need 32 bottles of BBQ sauce? I mean, seriously?!
3) How much time is reasonable for a sane person to spend preparing for the shopping trip to the grocery store?

I keep surfing the aforementioned sites and trying to pick people’s brains about how and how often they use coupons. But, I have yet to get enough/the right ones/be patient enough to hold onto coupons until just-the-right-deal comes along. I feel as though any coupon I find is useful and better than not using one. What I’m neglecting to remember are the doubling bits and all that sort of thing that the local stores love to do.

Another question…do I really need a binder for my coupons?! That scares me. But, maybe if I get one I can console myself with an iPad2 purchased with the money saved on iceberg lettuce?! Or drown my sorrows in some Atlantic Salmon and pomegranites??

Do you coupon? How do you go about your prep work? How much do you typically save? How often do you shop? Can you save on perishable items like veggies and fruits?

I look forward to your comments and will keep you posted on what I learn/try/experience further on this subject. Thanks for visiting!


3 responses to “Super Couponing

  1. I would suggest emailing the companies I listed that have mailed me coupons already. A lot of the companies just emailed me saying thank you. I’m hoping more will mail coupons, since I only did this about ten days ago. When I get a final compilation I will post it in on blog post. Jersey Girls RULE!

  2. Hi – I am obsessed with coupons! I have helped many family and friends organize and optimize their coupon savings. Majority of them, myself included, at first don’t want to be bothered having a binder. The same majority usually wind up converting to a binder because it is more organized and a time saver. I coupon anywhere from 2 to 6 hours a week (depending on work, family, etc) but I love to do it so it doesn’t seem like work to me. I save between 40% and 55% on average grocery shopping. There are some coupons out their for perishables, but they are few and far between.
    Hope this helps a little. I didn’t want to write a novel!
    Jersey Coupon Queen

    • Thanks JCQ! I appreciate your visit. Looked at your blog and may just be emailing some companies. I’ve actually already done this a bit. It is productive (sometimes)! And thanks for sharing the other NJ couponer. Her tutorials look good, too. Hoping to maybe get some of the homeschool folks together to work on this as a group project! I always like reconnecting with Jersey folks as I’m a Jersey girl myself!

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