My First Conference!

I just returned to the hotel room from my first conference. Well, that’s not completely true. I’ve been to conferences before, but they were at the behest of my employer at the time. This time I decided that I should go (and subsequently paid the fees associated with said attendance) to my first writers’ conference. It was absolutely stimulating. It was phenomenal being in a room full of people who have the same passion for writing that I do. I met some really terrific people and the energy was absolutely contagious.

Yes, they sold books at the conference, but I was like a giddy teenager after the event standing in the aisles of Barnes and Noble googley-eyed over the fact that several of the featured authors/guest speakersbooks were on the shelves of BARNES & NOBLE, people! OMG!

I am so lucky to have a wonderfully generous and supportive spouse who offered to do sole parenting duties all weekend so I could attend this 3+ hours away conference. Lovin’ this birthday gift, lemme tell ya!

It was terrific to be a part of a writing community again. Now, if only I can leverage one a wee bit closer to home.

Time to put together a structure of a schedule for editing my works and writing still more with no time for procrastinating! But first I should probably check my email and see if any of my new ‘friends’ have updated their statuses on Facebook! Just.Kidding.


7 responses to “My First Conference!

  1. Sarah, the Desert Sleuths chapter of Sisters in Crime are so pleased you found our conference. We hold one every year and hope to see you in 2012. Anyone else interested, please visit our website:

  2. Things are going great with the writing. You inspired me and I found a couple groups here in my area. They list conferences and workshops and the like. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to go to one. I participated in Camp NaNo and wrote another 50k on the novel I started last November. That novel is finished now and ready to edit. I’m preparing for NaNo, but I’m worried I won’t be able to participate. I’m having back surgery in October and I don’t know if I’ll be up to writing. But I am going to try!!
    How is your NaNo novel doing? Have you edited it?

    • I’m flattered to have had anything to do with you getting more writing done! Yeah! Maybe it’ll come back like a boomerang!! I am editing my 2009 novel now. Rough going, but plodding (and plotting) along, nonetheless! There are online orgs too that I’ll pass along. Prepping for NaNo…I’m impressed!

  3. Okay, really? I’m an idiot cuz you had a link attached to the word Conference. I clicked it. Ok. Sorry. Still would like to hear more. Feeling really stupid and embarrassed now. Hopefully you got a chuckle out of it though. 🙂

    • You’re fine, Kelly. You gave me a good giggle. Most of us have these moments. You were just brave enough to have it for posterity! 😉 The conference was exhilirating. I googled writing groups in my new area before we got here and then saw that they were having a conference and the rest is history. I’m trying to find a critique group here. That, along with more writing and editing, are the items on the agenda now. How’s your writing coming?

  4. Ohhhh… just read your tags. Sounds like it was exciting. Still would love to hear the name of the conference. How did you find it? I would love to attend one around here. Lemme know!

  5. Sarah! How exciting! Who was there? What conference? What did they talk about? Details please!!! Seriously, send me an email or find me on Facebook. Kelly Stewart Ramey. I’d love to hear more!

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