Some think of God or Abba. Still others think of the man who carried you on his back at a fair or on his shoulders when you were too tired to walk on a summer night returning home from the fireworks. There are those memories of the man who, at times, seemed 12 feet tall.  And there’s always the ‘burglar alarm hair’ that will live in infamy.  The times that I would eagerly tell him things that happened at school or excitedly show him new shoes or a book I had just bought knowing that his excitement and joy were genuine and ever present.  He seemed to really enjoy my happiness (and still does to this day). 

I never realized that not only would I get to continue to appreciate and love my very own father for all of these years, but also to love another man in so many ways, as well as because of the fact that he, too, is now a father in some part due to our union. God figured in there, too, but that’s for another entry.  To be able to watch this man, whom I fell in love with for who he was become another role to another little girl is such a privilege. 

I feel blessed to call these two men, two of my favorites…EVER. And, to the other man, who sired my wonderful husband, I am eternally grateful to him for that and many of the other ways he taught his son to be the man I know and love today.   The integrity, generosity, perseverance and loyalty are common in both their DNA.  Make that three of my favorites! 

So, to all those wonderful fathers mentioned or just thought of…Happy Father’s Day!


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