I think for those of us not directly affected by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear threats which have occurred or continue to in Japan it is up to us to try to spin the events. By that I mean, cosmically. If we all lament over the negative aspects of the situation we’re just depositing more angst out there into the ether. Obviously grieving is a normal part of the human process.  I am by not means trying to minimize the situation or negate anyone’s loss.  I wouldn’t dare to think I could or should. 

However, if, those of us who still have the energy and bandwidth to do so could focus on the fact that the U.S. Military bases were able to open their air space (and runways) to flights that were diverted from Narita’s airport in Tokyo as just one example of global ‘neighborly-ness’ it might help change the energy out there.

Another example are the personal stories of people we do know. If we can focus on how well someone is coping with a struggle in their lives (without approaching Pollyanna* levels, by any means) or just the gifts we all have been given every day it would help the right kind of shift occur, at least in my humble estimation.

And struggles don’t have to take on worldwide dimensions to be a hurdle needing to be traversed.  Looking for a new job? Lose someone you love? Leaving a place you love?  Recovering from an illness or surgery?  Are you surviving or thriving or perhaps a combination of both? Who or what inspires you? What keeps you going in the face of adversity? 

May God bless all those sturggling today and enable them to see the potential for spin, if not today, perhaps some day down the road.

* * *

NEVER has the term Pollyanna been used to describe Scott in the featured link above.


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