The Disparity in News Reports

An event took place today that has been reported on by many news outlets which are everyday names in homes the world over.

Evidently shots were fired at Frankfurt Airport this afternoon. (As I write this the events took place a little over two hours ago.)

The fact that these Goliath news stations are presenting one story and a little bitty David is presenting another just leaves me speechless.

It’s understandable that different news outlets get their news from a variety of sources. And, understand this, I don’t fault them for that at all. What I do take issue with is the way in which these facts and others are couched. The ‘other’ facts to which I am referring are as reported on MSNBC that “Ramstein Air Base, European headquarters of the U.S. Air Force, is not far away. “( Granted, it’s pertinent in that the bus on which the shooting occurred was for U.S. Servicemembers, but it’s about an hour and a half drive, people… hardly nearby.)   Following immediately was this tidbit of info. “Four Islamists were found guilty of plotting to bomb targets including Ramstein Air Base in March last year.” This particular article even refers to the local news source, The Local which had its own coverage.  However, MSNBC didn’t include this part of the story that The Local reported.  “The authorities said they believed there was an altercation on the bus before the shooting occurred around 3:20 pm and there was no indication that it was an act of terrorism.”  Look at that — NO indication that it was an act of terrorism.  Now, this sort of hokey reporting crosses party lines, if you will, too.  It’s not just one side of the spectrum that fabricates links and salivates at this type of news story.

Fox News  had a former military ‘expert’ on to discuss the event.  This is rather laughable to me as the reporter more often than not has to feed the ‘expert’ with facts to elicit generic comments.  They, too, talk about terrorism with no indication (at this time, which certainly could change) that there is a link to today’s events.  This type of reporting is a form of terrorism in itself and is shameful. 

Thank God for local news outlets that still print ‘just the facts, ma’am’.

And may God bless those servicemembers involved in the shooting, as well as their families.

UPDATE: 1916 on 3/2/11

This story by Stars and Stripes is a fair and balanced account.

UPDATE: 2300 on 3/2/11

It seems that this was an act of terrorism and service members were targeted.  Words escape me.


One response to “The Disparity in News Reports

  1. Just saw Megyn Kelly on Fox interview an expert from the Heritage Foundation…she was trying to get him to say something like “Terrorism! AAUGH!” But he refused to speculate and was all, “We’ll see when we get more facts.” SO boring, the common sense. The interview was rather short. 😉

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