That is the word I have chosen for 2011 to focus me in the direction I wish to go. It has so many meanings. I have been praying to find guidance toward a word that would work for me. I found it this morning.

Last year’s word was ‘create’. It was not unlike this year’s and I think they pair together quite nicely.

To me the ‘move’ is like an onion. There are many layers to it. It is literal, figurative and everything in between. It can apply to geography, spirituality, connectivity, physicality and even emotions.

Have you chosen a word to direct and guide your purpose in 2011? If so, care to share? How did you choose it? Or did it ‘choose’ you?!

8 responses to “MOVE

  1. Hah, funny that!

    You’d almost think we were related.

    Mine is ACTION. God is in the details. Keep movin’, keep dancin’ and clear it all out and let it all go NOW, be free of the clutter, all of it!

    • Lee Anne: I love letting go of clutter! And yes, we might be related. I love that you took the time to comment as part of your ACTION. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your mark.

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  3. I’d have to say I agree with “move”. I need to MOVE toward my goals this year. To not sit passively, waiting for life to come to me, I need to move my butt and go out and do the things that need doing.


    • Having read your blog recently, Kelly, I know that you’re moving in the direction of what you’re wanting in your life and hope that the journey is rewarding! Spring is afoot. Change is terrific.

  4. Thanks, Liz. It helps to get feedback. Makes me want to write more. You know, move!!

    I look forward to hearing more on your word and your new year!


  5. Love your blog! I agree, ‘move’ inspires, motivates, reacts, rejuvenates and brings about wonderous change. Most importantly, ‘move’ comes from Jesus’ teachings: live LIFE to serve God and others, not just sit idly waiting for LIFE to happen!
    I will think of my word… and get back with you.
    Happy New Year,

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