Spring Cleaning

Starting to feel the Earth’s pull. Went to a book club meeting the other day which was lovely, but attendence was a bit sparse. Maybe it’s outlived its usefulness to the current audience. Then, yesterday, went to my writer’s group meeting and found a new energy.

Am currently planning for a yard sale (coming up quick) with some of the neighbors who are moving. It’s time to clear the decks. Begin anew. Think fresh. More fresh air and exercise, too.

I love this website, too.  The article on “9 Irresistible Reasons to Go Complaint-Free” is terrific and as always, timely.

What’re some of the ways you shift gears AND keep up the momentum?


One response to “Spring Cleaning

  1. Hey! I was thinkin bout you the other day. I hope you are well.

    I’ve been doing a lot of spring cleaning. Loved taking the curtains down and washing them. Who knew they got so dingy! It added a whole new brightness to the room.

    I like to throw stuff away to keep up momentum. Every time something is thrown away, the surrounding area is reorganized to make better use of the space.:)

    Good luck on your yard sale!

    Are you on Facebook? I’m not blogging that much these days… too much typing is killing my hands.

    Take care!

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