Cool Sites to share

I just stumbled down the rabbit hole by clicking one link then another… you get the picture.

Thought I would share several of the organizing ones I thought were the best!

This link  is one that has featured Holiday TV viewing (for those in the US).

Another has links to free downloadable lists  for organizing things from Fall Cleanup to Weekly meal planning and grocery shopping. 

And finally, I think this may be my favorite is a site called ButtonedUp and features help in organizing all facets of your life including an Emergency Kit, Pets, Babysitting, Files and all in a rather unique way (ditch perfection is just the beginning!). 

Let me know what you think about these or if you have other gems you’d care to share.


2 responses to “Cool Sites to share

  1. That TV one is pretty cool. I bookmarked it and the organization one.. I need that. I tried once for organization but my goodness did they over do the emails and stuff. It was too much. I had like 100 emails from them in less than a week. Sheesh!

    • I used to read FlyLady, too, but totally agree. Even with the digest it gave me heartburn!

      Like the FlyLady calendars, though!

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