Happy Mother’s Day

I could start with Adam and Eve, but there’s only so much storage room on this blog so I’ll skip ahead.

Thank you to my dad for marrying my mom and making her mine.

Thank you to my father-in-law for choosing his bride and making her my husband’s mom.

Thank you, Bill for helping to make me a mommy to Poopsie.

And, dear, sweet, Poopsie…you’re the one whose able to call me “Mommy”. Even at 2AM when you’ve had a bad dream, I love hearing it.

I love you…all.


One response to “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. I’m sorry as I realie that I’m an awfully long time in getting to this comment, but you surely know me well enough to understand that YOUR comment on Mother’s Day “knocked me for a loop.”

    It also arranged for me to get more than a little “damp” when I considered my good fortune. Without going into any specifics – who could possiblily describe the joy? – I am awash in gratitude, Sarah, the He chose to send you to our house. I cannot imagine a life without our little “sponge”.

    Deo gratias. . . to you and Him. . .

    Boundless love,

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