The Cleaner

It’s probably not suprising to some…being that I am from New Jersey. My name isn’t Tony, but, lately I’ve left a huge stream of dead bodies in my wake.  This is only in the last month or so, mind you.  I am not a career criminal…yet. 

My 2-year-old daughter has gone from being deathly afraid of bugs to just being obsessed.  An improvement, I think.  So, we just got in from spending an hour outdoors to discover yet another 8-legged creature in “our” space.  So, I get the usual directive, “Mommy clean the spider.” 

 This led me to thinking that she will now associate “cleaning” with the disappearance of various creatures.  Sometimes she is told they “went outside to play with their friends”.  Sometimes she just assumes they’re sleeping (not taking the dirt nap they actually are).  Here’s hoping I’m not sending her to therapy later with these actions.  But, then again, if I am, at least I’ve had some say in why she ended up there!


Disclaimer: This blog is by no means making fun of all people named Tony (especially those from New Jersey).  It is just referring to a popular television series.


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