In order of importance… (just kidding)

Chokey: chocolate

va-vy: bunny rabbit

fluh-bye: flower

knock-knock: collar/leash/purse

wa-bye: water

less-y: Alexa

pen-uh: pen (also known this way in most of Italy)

gob-gob: The answer to the question…What does a turkey say?

beth-ewe baby: The response when anyone, including her canine, sneezes. 

The previous listing is just a sampling of one little girl’s vocab in English*.

* The exception to this is “ganka” – danke (thank you in Deutsch)!  :oP


One response to “In order of importance… (just kidding)

  1. I can’t even imagine how darn cute it is when she says these. Make sure you get these recorded somehow Sarah, it will melt your heart in years to come 🙂

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