Who knew??

I just heard an interview with the author of a book (the name of which I will not share as I don’t have any interest in selling more books for this guy) who espouses the use of outsourcing in one’s life to make it more efficient, life that is. 

The concept intrigued me so I did a bit of surfing around to some of the sites he suggested.  One such site is Your Man in India which offers services to folks who still have family there, but live elsewhere.  Another site is Ask Sunday which offers restaurant reservations services along with doctors appointment setting, not to mention third party customer service.  Think of how much time you spend on the phone trying to schedule the cable/satellite company to come to your home for service/installation!

Then there’s I Want Sandy which is a site for the individual or family to manage tasks via email at home/office/away and the price is right.  

Are there any tools you can’t live without?


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