Another Angel – 9/10/08

Many didn’t even know we were expecting.  That was on purpose.  Today’s loss is our third.  It really doesn’t get any easier.  This one really had us fooled.  Every aspect was different than the other two pregnancies resulting in miscarriages and even a bit different from our successful one. 

We wanted to keep a low profile because we know what it’s like to “untell” after something like this.  It’s not comfortable for anyone. 

There was a strong heartbeat with this one at 6+ weeks (which is usually the time at which our babies are lost).  This one must’ve only lasted a few days after that due to measurements the doctor took during today’s ultrasound. 

We’re both working hard to focus on how lucky we are, while still being true to ourselves and the fact that we’re a bit blindsided.

The other thing that this is doing is further moving me to write that damned book I keep saying I’m working on.  OK, God, I GET it.  Jeez!  Next time send an email or something, will ya?


One response to “Another Angel – 9/10/08

  1. Oh, Sarah, I’m so sorry.

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