40 years?!

I think I am just now beginning to grasp how my parents have felt over the past 40 years (and longer with my sisters!).  Now that I am a mother and staring my full 4th decade square in the face, I actually am starting to “get” how they’ve felt. 

I had the urge to call my mother (sorry dad) this morning at about the time I was born (okay, 2 hours later because I slept in a bit), but I was kind and allowed for the time difference between us and didn’t call them in the wee hours.  But, still the thought was there to call and say thank you, for without you I wouldn’t be here.  Today is as much yours as mine.  So, Happy Birthday, Mother and Dad!  I love you.

P.S.   Thank you, too, to my wonderful husband, daughter and dog for treating me like a Queen all weekend leading up to today.  I love you dearly.


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