The 11th Commandment??

For those of you who are graduates of Catholic school, you can now stop scratching your heads trying to figure out when you slept through this lesson.

Our nearly 19-month-old daughter has gotten a bit more independent lately.  She’ll head toward the door or some stairs or any other “forbidden fruit” and then pause to see what we’re going to do.  Add to the list of “verboten” items our dog’s ears.  She is a Vizsla and they have the softest ears of ANY breed.  She even won a contest for said silken auditory appendages.  

The other day I had my head turned away from the two of them and suddenly heard a canine variety squeal.  I then looked over to see a rather sheepish looking little girl.  I lit into her and not having seen her do it knew she did SOMETHING to make her stoical pet make even a murmur, much less whimper.  After scolding her for hurting her dog, she began to cry.  She is definitely empathic as every few minutes she would then mimic the sound her dog had made and would again begin sobbing harder.  It was truly heartbreaking.  This one has some heartwrenching times ahead I believe. 

So in retelling the story to my sister she heard me tell “her” niece, in effect, “Thou shall not hurt thy dog.”  At least that’s the way it sounded to her.  Makes sense to me and therefore, it’s now our family’s 11th Commandment.


One response to “The 11th Commandment??

  1. Dear Abigail’s Mommy,

    OK! It got me big time, too. But I do have an observation to make. I quote you as saying This one has some heartwrenching times ahead, I believe.”

    Ah, my dearly loved young Mother; just whom did you mean by “this one?” Methinks you meant your angel, and I agree, of course. I also think that it may not have crossed your mind that when her heart breaks, so will yours.

    (Something about the umbilicus, or, or, or. . . love, or something.)

    Much love and pride from YOUR Mother whose heart has a few cracks in it.

    (What a superb word picture your limned in that one!)

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