Kids with pets grow up to be snorers: study

Unfortunately for my daughter, there’s a new study out that dooms her to be an vociferous bedfellow.  According to the article, , her nasal passages are somewhat affected early in life and can therefore lead to lifelong problems including those of the cardiac variety. 

I’m thinking the benefits outweigh the risks of the loveable lump we have sleeping downstairs at present for helping us all to relax and lower our blood pressure and just love life. 

Could a face like this do ANY harm at all?!!!


One response to “Kids with pets grow up to be snorers: study

  1. Oh, my dear littlest angel! What a beautiful message for all of us. Thank you; thank you!

    You may not believe this, but on my first birthday after Lee Anne was born, I felt exactly as you described! I wondered why people were giving me gifts and wishing congratulating me. My Mother should have been getting those things, I realized for the first time in my life! Without her. . . well, you said it all, and so very beautifully.

    It’s strange, too, I find myself thinking. I guess because now I know that. . . uh, umm. Lee Anne was the gift; Allison was the gift, and You were the gift. (And you know about your parentheses, which, or perhaps who, make me even more grateful for you and the special young woman you are.}

    And I’ll leave it to Daddy to tell you what you mean to him; I think you have a clue, but it’s so nice to hear it, isn’t it? And,like you, he does it so eloquently, doesn’t he?

    God bless you, Darling, especially on this latest journey. We love you deeply.


    You have given more joy than I can ever tell you, Sarah. But I don’t have to since your little “ear-puller” will do that herself. I know her Mommy is doing it for me . . . and quite eloquently.

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