Who’s with me?!

What is it about the human psyche that requires 98 percent of the population to stand at the baggage carousel at the airport while waiting for their bags?  I mean you’ve got people on crutches, folks with canes, 3-year-olds standing there.  Does the task really require that every member of the Brady clan stand there to identify the bags?  It’s not like the little tykes are going to heft a 75 lb. bag off the belt, are they?  And the lovely little grandmotherly figure, is she gonna heft that big Prada suitcase on her back or what? 

Common sense should prevail and deem that one (maybe two) per party stand right at the belt.  And even then, if you don’t see your bag in the next twenty  then back off people!  Make room for the poor schlub whose bag is right in the neighborhood.  Let’s start a revolution!  WHO’S WITH ME?!


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