No such thing as a free lunch

I guess I never realized how similar children and dogs (probably many pets, but my experience is with dogs) are.  Today, I had the gall to decide to eat a sandwich after my daughter had already eaten her (count ’em) rice cereal breakfast (along with whole milk), then several hours and a nap later she indulged in French Toast with strawberries and syrup which was topped off about an hour later with some bananas and dried pineapple. 

She sees that I have the nerveto be attempting to eat in her presence without alerting her to the fact.  It should be mentioned that this is the child who had the stomach flu last week and ate nothing but crackers, soup and juice for several days.  So, back to said sandwich.  I took it out, sat down at the table to eat and immediately heard an indignant sound and was being pointed to.  “Mohhhr”, she wailed plaintively in her best New York accent. 

I mean, even the dog was just watching from her vantage point on the couch!  Well, you know what happened to the sandwich…don’t you?!


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