Unusual Phenomenon

What is it about when your child gets sick?  It’s never just ONCE…no, poor thing has to get sick mutiple times.  By “getting sick” I’m talking the “v” word.  And, the next time is ALWAYS after you’ve just changed her and the linen, right?!  Well, then, after she’s finally passed back out, bless her heart…you’re left, sitting there not sure if now YOU smell like that vile substance or if it has just embedded itself in your nasal cavity.  Or perhaps, both?! 

And, what I never realized happened, is that not only is it when you get sick on “fill in the blank” food you don’t want to eat it for months (if ever again), but it carries over to caring for your sick child, too.  And, yet, I sat there kissing her little stinky head without a second thought.  What a good little sport. 


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