The Ties that Bind

Well, unless and until you’re in this situation you don’t realize how much you can actually think about in the span of 3.8 seconds.  I know because that’s the amount of time I had to think through several topics before I hit the ground.  Not figuratively, mind you, literally

It all began a week ago last Sunday.  My sister and her family were visting and we all decided to go for a walk in the hills near our house.  Well, I had the dog and Bill had the baby in the stroller.  Good thing!  I’m minding my own business walking along when I feel my right foot slip into the plastic*  trap.  Next goes the other foot, then the realization hits…oh boy…I’m falling….free fallin’…can’t…let…go…of…the…leash….ohmigawd…..not my (recent) dental work!  (For those of you in the dark, read The tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth.  You’ll be up to speed in no time!)

Fortunately, my left knee and the right side of my chin took the brunt of it.   I walked about 6 miles today (after multiple walks all over the City of Light last week), so I think I’m definitely on the road to recovery. 

* – Said plastic is that which bales or binds the newspapers together for delivery — it goes without saying that this plastic should be recycled…and on the hills of my neighborhood is NOT the right answer. 


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