365 days

It’s amazing how a year can go by for years and you never really noticed.  Well, this particular year…from February 12, 2007 to February 12, 2008 was one that didn’t just slip by. 

 This is the first year of Abigail’s life.  I’m sure next year, I’ll be saying the same…how amazing it is…how much she’s changed, but, somehow the firsts are so incredible.  The change from a “fresh from the womb” creature to a babbling, beaming, squirming ball of love is tremendous.  And,  I can’t decide which is more fun.  I think that’s God’s way of exercising his sense of humor…daring us…”Go ahead, try to pick just one!”

The first tooth, the first word, the first foods, giggle, smile, (and I won’t even go into the bodily functions, but you know they capture our attention, too) are all something to marvel at.  We cherish our little Love Bug and can’t wait for all the future firsts, but without rushing it.  We’re enjoying them and the pace she and God have agreed upon. 

We love you, Abigail.


One response to “365 days

  1. Abigail is lucky to have two parents who love her so much and are there to care about her and cherish all her “firsts”. Not all the children in the world are so lucky. Greg and I also enjoyed Abigail’s first year. It was amazing to see the differences in her growth and development between 4 and 10 months. One realizes how quickly time passes and to enjoy each moment at hand.

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