Attention to….now where was I?!

I was watching our nearly one-year-old yesterday as I fed her a late lunch.  She notices things, fixates then moves on.  I had always thought that babies had the attention span of a gnat’s nit.  This is not the case however.  They can focus so much so, for instance in Abigail’s case, EVERY piece of lint on our floor is subject to inspection.  I’m not talking a cursory glance I mean turned over, tasted, the works. 

I also saw a headline on MSNBC that read, “How to decide if you have ADHD — the signs” and, no lie…I forgot to click on it and went to another site.   So, what I’m trying to say is they’re not the ones with the focus issue…speaking of issues, did you see the latest “Everyday with Rachael Ray”?  That’s an interesting spelling of her name, isn’t it?  There was a spelling bee recently here at the middle school.  Now, why did I come up here to the computer anyway???


One response to “Attention to….now where was I?!

  1. Hi Sarah! how are you? its been so long but ive kept up to date on the goings on of the Moran klan via this blog. i just wanted to stop by and say that i too suffer from adhd most days, ha ha especially with the kids running in two different directions. Anywho i just wanted to say hello and to say i really enjoy your blog! keep up the fun writing!!!

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