The tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth

Well, it’s been an interesting week, dentally, that is.  My friend, Natasha, was kind enough to watch Abigail for the 3 + hours (including travel time) it was going to take to get started on a crown for a front tooth I’d injured as a child.  No problem…a dozen or so shots of novacaine later and I’m on my way with a temporary tooth until the new one comes back from the lab and can be “reinstalled” if you will. 

Well, I didn’t realize just how literal these bloody dentists can be.  Temporary to you and me means: until it can be replaced with another tooth.  Evidently in dental speak it means: until you eat a soft (to add insult to injury) roll from one of my favorite bakereis (bakery) over here.  The darned thing snapped right off taking with it what was left of my poor little root-canaled tooth.  So, if I thought I looked like a bag lady in college when it chipped off, well…not so much. 

In the spirit of humility and fun, we’ve decided to offer a prize to the first person who can identify what’s replacing the tooth in the photo below.  Have fun and remember…let’s be careful out there. 

The whole tooth


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