Gift Cards

In the past few years gift cards seem to have made a breakthrough in the gift department.  They’ve taken on a bit of a “haughtier” air than the old gift check or cash.  It makes the giver feel that they put a bit of thought into the gift without roping the receiver into the wrong size, color, etc. 

Along with the purchase comes the possibility that there a) is no retailer nearby (in the case of restaurants or movie theaters) or b) that the recipient just doesn’t shop there. 

Along comes a site called .  This is one of many sites that allows you to buy or sell/trade cards for ones you might be more apt to use. 

I’ve been doing research on these sites of late (even though I didn’t get a single gift card this year).  This seems to be the one that protects users from scams (like the guy on eBay who is “lactose intolerant” and needs to get rid of his Cold Stone Creamery card like now!) and is seemingly the most reputable. 

Maybe the next time I get a card I’ll do some bartering.  Happy shopping one and all. 

And, remember, we have EVERYTHING we need right this minute. 


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