Happy 2008!

Welcome to the new year, folks.  Just returned from a trip to Paris.  Was interested to hear my brother-in-law’s theories on the spots on the sidewalk.  His thoughts were that it was lost pieces of gum.  My sister-in-law’s opinion was that it was related to the habits of pigeons.  Not sure where my husband stood on the subject.  I seem to remember him mentioning putty or paint. 

It’s interesting to think that in a city with as many sites as Paris we all focused on the sidewalk.  But, there is so much of it and you spend much of your time right above it if you walked as much as we did. 

Seems other cities have issues that are just as sticky.



This shot is from another blog that also chose to look at this subject.


All in all, Paris struck me as an extremely clean city. 


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