Dead of the Night

That seems to be when I’m most prolific.  I guess prolific is a bit of an exaggeration, but hey, it’s all relative, you know. 

Holidays away from the US are very interesting.  Somehow a bit less commercial which is nice.  Our tree is decorated, most of the presents are purchased (not yet wrapped or all mailed, but we’ll get there).  It helps, too, I think having a less than one-year-old as she hasn’t yet developed the “I want thats”. 

Here in Europe Christmas is definitely more religiously focused which is nice.  Decorations are heavy on Advent wreaths, not drowning in Santas.  Today (ooops, it was yesterday I guess, now) is Saint Nicholas Day in Germany.  That’s where Saint Nicholas is said to have left treats in the children’s shoes last night to be discovered this (6 December) morning.  A friend and I took our children to a market the other evening and we ran into Saint Nicholas himself along with his companion (a scraggly looking creature with beard and dirty clothing) who will sometimes hand things to naughty children, but we got some Lebkuchen (a gingerbread-sort-of cookie that is heart shaped and has a nut in the center).  Abigail said it’s the best she’s ever had. 

Prep for this Sunday’s annual cookie party is under way.  Recipes are out, groceries put a real dent in the old credit card tonite and the house is decorated.  Just some baking and last minute cleaning and we’re READY! 

Hope you’re all enjoying the holidays.  Stop and smell the mistletoe! ;x


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